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The History of Ariana

Historians believe that when Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire around 2,500 years ago, he and his army settled on the Eastern part of the empire and called it Ariana.

Alexander was so much impressed by the hospitality and traditions of the natives, that he married one of their daughters by the name of Rukhsana (Roxanne in english).

Before he left this territory, the Moslems and the Mongols conquered Ariana. About 250 years ago, due to the rivalries of the Tsars of Russia on the North and the British empire of India on the south, this land was used as a buffer state and subsequently was called Afghanistan.

We chose the name Ariana in order to represent our blending of flavorful cuisines of the East into the familiar foods of the West. Just as Marco Polo who brought exotics flavors of central Asia to the west, we bring you the spiced and herbs of old Ariana through our cuisines.

We hope you enjoy our creations and we appreciate your comments, requests and compliments.

Your hosts,

Ali & Nazifa

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